Solar Power and Agriculture

From in-depth research and development, we have determined that each irrigated acre requires between 500 watts and 1 Kilowatt of power,  for a total of between 4 Gigawatts and 8 Gigawatts of power,  in order to irrigate all cropland in California. Our determinations have proved to be true in the analysis of our customer’s actual energy usage reports. There are about 8,000 potential solar powered agriculture irrigation customers who farm between 250 acres (100 Ha) and 10,000 acres (4,000 Ha) in the state of California, USA.

At today’s cost of $2.50 per watt DC of installed solar power for agriculture irrigation, California is a $20 Billion dollar market. The US market is more than 10 times larger; $200 Billion dollars. The world market is more than 10 times larger than the US market, and as an order of magnitude is $1.200 Trillion dollars to $2.000 Trillion dollars making Sun Water Food and our solar powered agriculture irrigation business a very large and long term business.