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Because most of our customers finance their solar power systems, they benefit from paying a fixed yearly cost for their systems that are 25 to 50 percent lower than the variable cost for electricity that they are currently paying.

To give you an estimate of the cost of a solar power system to run your agriculture irrigation pumps, we use an Energy Usage Report based on your operation’s account with PG&E. We forward that report along with our Solar Smart Customer Cash Flow Financial Analysis to you. Our grower-customers appreciate knowing more about how they are currently charged by PG&E as well as how they can save money on their electricity costs, now and in the future.

Download and Complete the PG&E Energy Usage Report Authorization Form

Step 1.

By clicking the following link, you can download the PG&E form that will authorize us to obtain the Energy Usage Report for the  irrigation for your operation:

Step 2.

Please print pages 3 and 4 and enter the following information:

Page 3, enter information on the first three lines: NAME, TITLE, NAME OF CUSTOMER OF RECORD, CITY, STATE, ZIP. We’ll do the rest on that page.

Page 4, enter information at the bottom: AUTHORIZED CUSTOMER SIGNATURE, TELEPHONE NUMBER, DAY, MONTH, YEAR, CITY AND STATE WHERE EXECUTED. We’ll do the rest on that page.

Step 3. 

Scan those 2 pages and email them to us at

Please call us at 650-799-1001 or email with any questions at any time.