What We Do

Our mission is to solar power the world’s agriculture irrigation and make it universally peaceful, sustainable, and economical.

Sun Water Food is a solar power systems, technologies and Solar Terrestrial Reformation company focused on large-scale solar powered agriculture irrigation, food processing, water governments, humanitarian and military applications, solutions and deployments to create and enable the peaceful, sustainable and economical solar energy economy. We directly address the necessary reduction in carbon emissions with massive deployment of solar power for large scale agriculture irrigation, and we arrest and reverse changes in Green House Gases (GHG) concentrations with deliberate, man-made interventions for solar radiation management with our Eco-photonic crop covering materials.

Sun Water Food is a large-scale, 250 KW to 10 MW, solar power and energy systems integrator to the agriculture industry. We are in the business of offering solar powered agriculture irrigation to farmers and growers who own and operate farms and ranches of 250 acres (100 Ha) to 50,000 acres (25,000 Ha). Our business offers solar power systems, integration and control of the entire solar power and energy electrification process of agriculture irrigation.

We offer solar power system sales, financing, engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and Internet-monitoring and on-site maintenance of solar power systems as a turnkey, one stop shopping and end-to-end solution to solar power agriculture irrigation.

We are also engaged in the research and development of Eco-photonic crop covering materials.